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  • March-May 2019

    Views, models, documents, formulas and performance

    • When copying a view, the choices of the view to apply for each link field to another table are now preserved
    • New view option to display only search results: A new view option "Enable mandatory search" allows you to hide data when the user opens the view, and to display only the results of a quick search or, in mirror view, only the results of a filter.
      Use this option when you want to hide the data in a table for more confidentiality or when the amount of data is too large.

    • Drag and drop documents between attachment fields: In form view, it is now possible to copy and paste a document from one attachment field to another by simply dragging and dropping it.

    • Quick search: new indexing method allowing a 10 times faster search but with some restrictions, in particular the fact that a partial search is only possible if the word begins with the searched letters: if you have to search in the middle of a word, use the filters with the option 'contains' instead.

    • Quick Search: You now have to press Enter to start the quick search for large tables.

    • New column type "conditional text" + template: It is now possible to create a column of type "conditional text (text from another table)" whose text varies according to another column.

      The column on which the text depends must be a Selection (list from another table) column.

      In addition, it is possible to use the principle of the Word and Excel templates in the content of this new column. If the text contains labels such as ${column_code}, the label will be replaced by the value of the corresponding column.

    • New 'button' option for autodocs: it is now possible to transform the link to the auto doc into a button so that only the button is visible in form view. By clicking on it, the user will open the generated document according to the chosen model.

    • New column selection option for autodocs models: It is now possible to select a column containing the model to be applied by the auto doc, which allows to have a different model per record. The selected column must be of the attachment type (or of the column type of a linked table pointing to an attachment type column).

    • Limitation of book duplications before 7pm: for performance optimization reasons, complete book copies are temporarily blocked between midnight and 7pm.

    • Faster but more limited fast search: to accelerate the performance of the fast search, especially on large tables; we have excluded the content of complex fields (files, links, columns of linked tables, comments, history) from the fast search.

      To search in this type of column, use the filters to indicate the search criteria field by field.

      Alternatively, create a CONCAT formula copying the contents of the columns you want to make accessible by the quick search

    • New auto docs option allowing to choose the model in another column (file type or file column type of a related table). It is thus possible to create a table with all its models, and to create a link to this table allowing to choose, line by line, which model to use (the only option that was available previously was to apply the same model for all lines).
    • New formula DAY_OPEN_DELTA calculating the number of open days between two dates: similar to DAY_DELTA but without Saturdays and Sundays.
    • New calculation method for the formula WEEK_DELTA_TODAY: from now on, the calculation result indicates the difference between the calendar week number of the formula date and the week number of the current date, and no longer the number of days divided by seven between the two dates.
    • New "over-filter"in mirror view: it is now possible to filter/sort mirrors locally (i.e. without affecting other users) with the usual TimeTonic filters. This new over-filter applies only to the fields visible in the mirror view. The new filter / sort will be added to the existing filter / sort (the one defined by the administrator who created the mirror view.).
    • New option blocking the addition of data in a view: A new option in the views allows you to block the addition of data, live- the plus ("+") buttons disappear- and also from a linked table. For example, your timesheet table allows the user to be able to add new projects. In form view of a timesheet, be sure to choose, for the view to apply to the selection of projects, a view with the option "Lock the addition of record in view" enabled.
    • New date format: Finally! It is now possible to choose a date format other than "yyyy-mm-dd",
      Like the French format "dd-mm-yyyyy" (27-02-2019 for example) or American format "mm/dd/yyyy" (02/27/2019)
  • January-February 2019

    New functions loading

    • Use of the simplified Word and Excel templates: a new code now appears for each column. This code can be used for export word and excel models, instead of the column name. This new code uses the initial name of the column but with lower case, deleting special characters, removing accents and replacing spaces with "_". This makes it easier to create models because you only need to use this code as a cell label in Excel or in a word document with ${cell_code}. For compatibility reasons, the old method using the column name still works. Note that this new code is not modified when renaming a column, which avoids having to modify existing templates when changing names.

    • Automatic line creation during a copy and paste of related table values: Automatic line creation in the related table when adding a value in a related table column that does not exist in the related table (if the first column of the related table is not a formula)

    • Improvements on the pivot tables:
      - Added the sum of rows and columns in Edit mode for numerical values;
      - Column widths are not stored for non-admin.

    • API: New option to create user accounts (contact us for details)

    • Gantt View: Filters and quick search are now available in Gantt view (for the configuration Project Links, not yet for recursive subtasks)

    • Limiting the number of accesses per user per second via the API

    • Limiting the number of lines that can be imported via table creation per Excel file

    • New option to apply the colours of a status to a group of columns

    • Export in mirror view

    • Auto document: new type of fields (columns) with the url of the document automatically created according to a pre-defined template

    • New, faster pivot tables with new options (counter, percentage, average, row sorting and the ability to edit numeric fields online or in forms)

    • New option to copy only the structure when importing tables from another logbook

    • Comments with notifications in the message area: notifications are now clickable and allow to open directly in file view the record containing the notification

    Fixes on Android

    • Link view according to the original view
    • Improvements in offline mode
    • Improved photo sending in messages
  • October 2018

    Process automation: TimeTonic integration with Zapier and more than 1,000 apps!

    TimeTonic is now available by invitation on Zapier.


    This means that you can create automation rules to interface TimeTonic with more than 1,000 applications.


    It's pretty amazing what we can do.


    For example, you can automatically send an email with an attachment to a recipient list when a status is changed in TimeTonic.


    Here's the link to add TimeTonic to your Zapier account : http://bit.ly/TTC-Zapier


    The available triggers are:

    - New line in a table
    - New line in a view


    The "actions" available are:

    - Creating a new entry (new line)
    - Updating an existing entry (line)


    More info here !

    Calculations automation with Excel

    It is now possible to use an Excel file to automate calculations in TimeTonic. Calculations will be performed each time a value is modified in the TimeTonic table automated with Excel.


    Calculation of premium, price, yield, margin, this option opens up an almost infinite horizon of calculations and automation of your processes.


    The principle is very simple. You can define TimeTonic fields as input values and TimeTonic fields whose value will be the result of a calculation of your Excel file...


    To do so, add your Excel file via the option "Automation with Excel" in the table context menu.
    Then you must setup the fields (columns) to link to the Excel file and indicate the fields that will be input values (in) or output values (out).


    In the TimeTonic parameters of an input field, modify the "Synchronization code" option by entering the location of the cell in your Excel file that will be replaced by the content found in TimeTonic, using the syntax "in_Feuil1_B2" to point to cell B2 of the Sheet1 of your file.


    Similarly, in the TimeTonic parameters of your field that should contain the result of an Excel calculation, in the "Synchronization code" option, type the location of the cell of your Excel file containing the result that will replace the content in TimeTonic, using the syntax "out_Feuil2_C33" to point to cell C33 of the Feuil2 sheet in your Excel file.


    (Of course, replace Feuil1 and Feuil2 by the exact name of your sheets in your Excel file and B2 and C33 by the exact cell coordinates containing the input value and output value of your calculations).



    A more complete description will be available soon!

    And much more!

    • The choice of views to be applied for displaying/selecting linked table elements is now only visible to administrators and is specific to each view. It is thus possible to choose which view to apply to a contact from the company view, for example, and to choose a different view to apply to a contact from the project view
    • New design for buttons to add linked table elements in form view
    • A little bit technical: Improvement of the filtered views of links to another table in form mode: sorting and column restrictions are still applied, but no longer filters (because this could hide linked elements)
    • New book template for room reservation management
    • The URL of each file view is now visible in the browser, which allows you to open it directly, for example by sharing the url in an email
    • New field: "Conditional selection (list of another table)" allowing to create a different selection according to the result of a selection of another field
    • New option: Mandatory field
    • "Tag" mode for links in form view
    • Coloured tags (the color is specified by adding a field of type "Color selection".)
    • New option in the "Share form" views allows you to obtain a web URL with a blank form. When a person completes the form, a new line will be created in your TimeTonic table with the contents of the filled fields.
    • Mirror views now available on Android
    • New API key in your profile, especially for integration with Zapier
    • Editing simple values of elements in a linked table in form view
    • Server load monitoring to improve TimeTonic performance and response time
    • Filter option "is among" and "is not among" for linked table fields
    • New filter - in the last 5 and 15 minutes, ideal for example to follow the latest changes
    • Improvement of the external form
    • New option "URL to notify for changes" allows you to call your own calculation or action program each time you make a change in TimeTonic. Ideal for automating your processes or interfacing with external applications.
  • July 2018

    Table creation by Excel import

    It is now possible to create new TimeTonic smart-tables directly by importing your xlsx files.


    TimeTonic will automatically create the right table and columns in the right format (text, number, date,...) and import the data from the file.


    Rules to follow :

    • the first row must contain the column header
    • the format must be the same for a column, for example a Date column must only contain dates
    • Only the first spreadsheet is imported

    Notification message in the change history

    It is now possible to enable notification by sending a message in the change history column.


    This allows you to receive an email or SMS notification (see options in the book settings) when a value is changed in a column (status change, new file, etc.).


    To enable notification, choose one or more columns for which you want to enable message sending each time you make changes.


    As for the comments fields, it is possible to select whether this sending should be done for all or only for some people whose ID is present in a column.


    To avoid unwanted sending of messages, for example when copying and pasting multiple messages, only the first 5 notifications are sent.

    And much more!

    Other new features :


    • In beta: external update form.  A new column type to generate a unique URL for each record. Click on this URL to obtain a pre-filled form with all your registration data and to update the data.
      An incredibly simple way to ensure RGPD compliance, update a directory with a personalised mailing for each correspondent, or set up a customised process for invoice approval, for example.

      Please note that additional fees will apply to use this new option.
    • Columns in the same group are now always grouped together in form view even if the columns do not follow each other, avoiding aesthetic problems when someone moves a column out of its original group
    • Access to a second table from a restricted mirror view is now possible: all you need to do is create another mirror view in the same notebook for this second table
    • Pivot tables are now available for mirror views. A simple way to create a dedicated notebook for all your statistical analysis without cluttering the original notebooks.
    • New option to display linked table columns as tags
    • The sorting of the elements of a choice list is now done in order of choices and not in alphabetical order
    • Option to include or not a column field of a related table in the form view (yes by default)
    • New, more readable and clearer format for creating new books with more templates in French and English
    • New formulas MIN_NUM_ELEMENTS and MAX_NUM_ELEMENTS, to find the minimum or maximum value of a list of elements
    • New formulas MIN_DATE_ELEMENTS and MAX_DATE_ELEMENTS, to find the most recent or oldest date of an element list, for example, of all the dates of a task series
    • In the API, new getNamedTableValues function to retrieve data with the book code, table name and column code list

    • In Kanban view, a URL field is now clickable

    • In Gantt view: tasks are sorted in alphabetical order

    • In Gantt view, formula fields are now available

    • In Timeline view, new "days of the month" scale

    • The history now contains information related to the deletion of a line

    • Multiple export of word or excel model sheets.

    • When a file is actually a URL pointing to a photo, the photo is displayed rather than the paper clip symbol indicating a link.

    • The Ctrl-V of a URL, for example an image, in a file cell in Table View works. Very useful for example to add the photo of a linkedin profile in your CRM or the link to a google doc document.

    Bug fixes :

    • Min/max filters are now supported for autonumber fields
    • The exported word file has no extension on Firefox
    • Hiding the color legend bar when the values in the pivot table are numeric   
    • Missing values in the pivot table when there are several values (column linked to a table)
    • Conditional notifications were visible to everyone in the mobile application
    • User names not always visible in column restrictions
    • Searching for elements of a linked table is no longer available if there is a filter linking this field to another field, for example only the contacts of a company
    • iOS: read-only fields disappear for everyone

    • A limited user should not be able to modify hidden columns

    • Export template table: table columns linked to a date field add the time (00:00:00:00) when there is none.

    • Events added via the global calendar are only displayed after a reload

    • Only the first 1000 lines of a table are exported

    • The xlsx export is inactive when accessing a form through the links of another form

    • In Gantt view, the project bar is no longer automatically adjusted when the attached subtasks are modified.

    • Formulas: the formatting of numerical fields is not preserved when changing parameters (currency, number of decimals, thousands separators

    • Formulas: calculation problem on HOUR_DELTA with quarter hours

    New layout for creating new books

    A new feature that marks a fresh start for TimeTonic !

    When creating a new book, by clicking on the small "+" button, you can now start with ready-to-use templates: project management, business relations, insurance brokerage, interventions, contacts, receipts/invoices, etc...

    New formulas

    New formulas MIN_NUM_ELEMENTS and MAX_NUM_ELEMENTS, to find the minimum or maximum value of a list of elements

    New formulas

    New formulas MIN_DATE_ELEMENTS and MAX_DATE_ELEMENTS, to find the oldest or the most recent date in a list of elements.

    Link on Kanban View

    The Kanban view is evolving: from now on you can click directly on a URL link displayed on a map.

  • April 2018

  • The box "book members"

    With the new box "Book Members" (column), you can now assign a task to a book member, for example, without having to create a different table.


    This field works exactly the same way as a field to a linked table, except that here the table is a system table containing the members of the book and is automatically created and updated by TimeTonic.


    Named Collaborators, this table is hidden by default. You cannot manually add or delete rows or delete the first columns, but you can add new columns if you wish.

    Download the data set from a table for offline mobile access

    In the mobile version, the data of the tables in a book can now be fully downloaded to be used when no internet access is available.


    This option is available on the Android version only for the moment. The iOS version will be available soon.

    Access to the global calendar

    You now have the ability to add participants to events in the global calendar.


    This limits who will receive notifications, and reduces the amount of information to consult when you only want to see your own events...


    It also allows you to see the availability or unavailability of your contacts, even if you do not have access to their calendars.


    New Simple Project Management template

    A new and very simple template to facilitate project management.


    Choose Simple Project Management FR Template from the templates provided when creating tables to easily start tracking any project or manage a to-do list, alone or in a team.


    As always, Table, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, etc. views are available, as well as access from the native mobile application.


    Wait, there's more !

    • Creating events directly in the Timeline view is now possible.
    • New signature (or drawing) option in the Android mobile application in attachment fields (file); ideal for getting your customers to sign at the end of a maintenance intervention or delivery
    • Improved rapid search
    • Improved picture sending
    • Confirmation before deleting files
    • Faster search when adding elements from a very large table in form mode
    • Only administrators can now hide or show the tables of a book
    • Copying very large books containing several hundred gigabytes of data no longer slows down other users
    • New Synchronization code parameter to facilitate synchronization with external data (marketing automation tool, ERP, business platform, etc.)
    • Add your Excel templates for exporting an entire table, useful for example for weekly reporting
  • March 2018

  • Default value:

    TimeTonic username or book IDDefault value: TimeTonic username or logbook ID

    For some columns (texts, formulas, link to a table), it is now possible to define a default value containing either the user's TimeTonic identifier, for example sam or the book identifier, for example project.sam.


    Thus, when a new line is created, the value of this column will be automatically filled in with the user's or logbook's ID.


    Particularly useful, for example, to automatically assign new opportunities created by your sales representative in your CRM, or to identify from which book the new information comes from in your mirror views.


    Download the data set from a table for offline mobile access

    In the mobile version, the data of the tables in a book can now be fully downloaded to be used when no internet access is available.


    This option is available on the Android version only for the moment. The iOS version will be available soon.

    But also...

    • Improved rights management with the addition of Read Only rights, the ability to limit mobile access only, and the ability to define in advance which rights will be assigned to new users before they register
    • Variables respecting column case in Word templates for report creation, quotation, invoice
    • Adding the date and ID of the person who deleted or restored a line from the recycle bin
    • New interface !
    • The option duplicate an element in form mode also duplicates the linked elements of the linked elements when they are in automatic creation (ouf!)
    • Support for excel files containing macros
    • Automatic update of mirror views
    • Improvement of the file view 


  • January 2018

  • Personalised vertical edit view

    TimeTonic now remember of the groups you opened and closed last time in the vertical edit mode.


    It has no impact on the other members view, so it can be your really own personalised view.


    Read more.

    The Backup Book

    Books’ backups are now automatically included in a new book called Timetonic Backup.

    This new system centralizes in one single place your notifications and daily automatic backup data. This also prevents wide access to this potentially sensitive data.



    Emoji are in!

    Use them in text field, messages, comments, emails, sms, tables name, views, columns ...


    Show list

    New Timeline functionalities

    • Group your data according to the values from a link to a other table column type
    • Column which are not part of a group are visible at the end of the Timeline to show all your information. You can drag-and-drop them to the right place. 
    • If there is no end date, the Timeline will use the start date. 
    • You can now export your Timeline in PDF

    Map view (beta)

    Try the beta version of TimeTonic’s map view allowing to geotag places and optimize your routes when on the move.

    API improved

    More API Improvements
    View all the new features.

    Tables are now available offline

    With TimeTonic’s mobile app, you can now download any books’ data to be used even when no internet access is available.

    New column global access restriction

    Mask or restrict column access

    You can now, from the Restricted col. option manage access rights to all the columns in the active view.

    Decide if a column can be read and edited, read-only or hidden.

    Those options will apply to each book members but for this view only.

  • November 2017

  • Novelties of the month

    Import Word templates

    With Timetonic, you now have the ability to customize your Word documents with your table data. An infinity of creative possibilities opens up to you, create letters, invoices, and all kinds of commercial documents like contracts. Your creations are totally customizable.


    Colorful Kanban

    Large, medium or small, you can now color your Kanban cards for a pleasant reading.







    Filter on a column of a linked table

    Timetonic gains flexibility by giving you ability to import only filtered data from a column of a linked table.
    For example, you can now import only the main contact informations of a contrat, instead of all its subscribers.



    Retrieve your discarded data

    Have you inadvertently deleted a line or do you simply want to find one that you had deliberately deleted some day? This is now possible, thanks to Timetonic's new Trash Bin which will allow you to restore your datas.



  • October 2017

  • Timeline view: intuitive, dynamic and fully customizable

    Timetonic's new Timeline view gives you an esthetical visual representation of your projects,

    displayed chronologically.

    It's never been easier to plan your activities and allocate resources.

  • But also

    Gantt chart

    Manage all your projects and dependencies between tasks with our new Gantt chart view.


    You now have the possibility to create a Gantt chart view with one click to manage and update visually your projects, and to create links between tasks.

    Hide columns separately in each view

    Very useful if you have a table with many columns, this option allows you to decide which columns you would like to see in each view.



    Sort your files

    You can now sort your files by chronological order and by alphabetical order.

    Export your pivot table

    You needed it, we created it! You can now export your pivot tables to Excel file formats.

    Pivot tables become dynamic!

    You can now edit even more your pivot tables. Copy and paste any text, add colors, double click to access the full content in the form view. All your changes will be automatically updated in the source table.

    Content line-break

    Break the line! Choose to wrap your text into multiple lines to read the full content directly in the table view, or to display only one line as before for a better high level view.

    New color range

    New colors are now available in TimeTonic, with 3 new Material Design palettes.

    Edit your comments

    Oops, you made a mistake ? You can now edit your comments

    Create your own templates for invoices, reporting, quotations, etc, in Excel and Word files

    You can now export each record to Excel or Word files.


    Even better, you can create your own templates that will be used in your exports, such as for invoices, quotations, reports, and they will be automatically populated with your TimeTonic data.

    Restricted access to columns

    Choose who can modify or view a column. To do this, click the header of a column, then click "Restrict Access“.
    You can select users who can't edit the column and/or users who can't view the column.
    If you make the column invisible to a user, this column will stop being displayed for this user.

    Manage your notifications

    You can now decide how and who gets notifications of new comment messages.


    Select whether a visual red sticker is visible for every new message, and if a copy should be sent to the messaging section (and thus potentially by email, sms and via mobile notification) to all members, a group of users, or only if you are @mentioned in the message

    Add colors to cards

    In view cards (in one-line size), you can add colors to the cards as per your needs. Here, for example, red cards are those in "Urgent" status.
    To do this, simply select which fields you want to appear by color filter. Don't forget to customize your colors in the column to make it happen.

    New templates available

    New smart table templates pictograms, progress bars, B2B-CRM and Project management are available.

    Excel export improvements

    The formatting of the Excel export has been improved. The column header remains fixed as well as the first column.


    The colors are also kept in the Excel export and the links to files, photos and urls are clickable.

    And the export supports a larger amount of data.

    Default values and duplicate rows

    If you repeatedly have to enter the same data for every new record, this new feature will make you happy.


    You can now right click on an existing line and set it as a default for every new line / record.


    Alternatively you can simply duplicate an existing row and save a ton of typing if most values are the same.

    New SUM_ELEMENTS formula

    This formula is used to add the sum of several values from different columns or the sum of elements from the column of a linked table.

    New SUBSTRACT formula

    Subtract data from one column by data from another column. Here, for example, we subtracted the amount from the total receipts.

    Other new formulas

    DIVIDE: Allow to divide the data of one column
    NB_ELEMENTS: Allow you to calculate the number of elements of a linked table or column.
    DAY_DELTA_TODAY: Allow you to calculate the difference of days between the date of one colulmn and today's date.
    WEEK_DELTA_TODAY: Allow you to calculate the difference of weeks between the date of one column and current week.


    MONTH_DELTA: Allow you to calculate the difference between two columns in month.
    YEAR_DELTA_TODAY: Allow you yo calculate the difference of years between the date of one column and today's date.

    API update

    The Timetonic API (Application Programming Interface) has also been updated, see all changes at https://timetonic.com/live/api.php?doc#history-doc.

  • April 2017

  • Take photos on your phone directly into your database

    Add photos in the database directly from the mobile app.


    The latest update for TimeTonic for iPhone is now available on the Appstore. Among the new features is the ability to add photos directly into the database. Either by choosing a photo already present on your phone or your favorite cloud either by taking a new one with the camera of the phone.


    It's magical: your team at the office sees your smart-table updates in real time with the new photo of your shooting, equipment, document, expense receipt ...











    New hour option in date fields

    A new option "Hour" in the Date field has been created.


    It allows you to add an hour to a date. Do not forget to press "Ok" once the data and time are selected.


    Ideal for making appointments or planning an intervention.










    New user type: the limited user

    A new user type has been created.


    To further protect your data, we have created a new user type: the limited user.


    It can create and edit data but can not delete or export full records.








    QR Code and barecode reader

    An option now allows you to scan QR Code as well as barcodes.


    Check the "Allow scan" option in the "Short text" and "Medium text" fields to allow the entry of barcode and QR Code with the camera of your phone. Barcode input is also available when creating a new message and in the search finction of a smart-table.


    Ideal to classify and find your equipments, radiators, books, recycling bags, cameras, olive trees ...








    Sort by alphabetical order

    By adding a filter, the option "Sort/Group by" is proposed to you.


    This new filter option lets you sort by ascending or descending any field. For example customer names or dates of interventions.












    New field "Last modified"

    A new "Last modification" field has been created to ensure better traceability of your data.


    It indicates the date and time of the last modification. You can keep an eye on all the latest changes.







    The database is now accessible and can be modified in offline mode

    No internet connection ? This is no longer a problem.


    You can now access the tables of a notebook while offline and edit it an any time.


    The changes will be taken into account when you find an internet connection.











    Display of the number of "cards" in the Kanban view

    No more scrolling to the bottom of the page to find out many "cards" or "post-it" there are.


    The number of elements is directly indicated.














    Update of the API

    The API has also been updated and now allows publicly read-only and data modification.


    More information about the TimeTonic API here:
















    Concat_URL Formula

    It adds data to a single cell except that the result is coverted to URL-type fields, that is, it becomes clickable and opens the corresponding web page in your browser.


    Ideal for example, to build a link to a google map from an address:

    CONCAT_URL("https://www.google.fr/maps/place/",Adress,",",{Postal code},"",City)











    Planning in pivot table

    Pivot table with dates as column headers are now automatically opening at the current day